@NoahTarnow: Where I tweet as I sing (and talk about other things that should appeal to supporters of the ACLU). 

The Big Quiz Thing: My real job—running the country's premier business for corporate/private trivia events.

Karaoke with Dana: One of my favorite San Francisco KJs ("karaoke jocks," to use the Bay Area parlance).

KJ Eileen's Punk Rock 'n' Schlock Karaoke: My other favorite SF host; no real website, but she hosts every Wednesday at Maggie McGarry's, every Tuesday at The Riptide, every last Friday at Bender's, and a couple times per month at Laughing Monk Brewing.

The Human Karaoke Experience: A fantastic live karaoke band in New York City.

Rock Star Karaoke: Another excellent live karaoke band in NYC.